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LSD Feminized (100 seeds)

LSD Feminized (100 seeds)

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Nirvana's LSD seeds

LSD feminized is a powerful and potent hybrid that has been created by crossing together Mazari Sharif and Skunk #1. This indica dominant plant is highly resilient to pathogens and will require 9 weeks of flowering time. A solid performing hybrid which requires little maintenance and will grow to a medium-sized height, making her ideal for SOG and smaller indoor spaces.

She will grow with a short and stocky appearance with tight intermodal spacing and thick fan leaves. LSD feminized loves to be trained and can produce huge yields with basic training techniques, and once flowering will grow dense buds with a hard to squeeze structure, and oozing trichomes. With THC levels testing at 25%, this strain is the ideal beginner level plant with a heavy hitting effect and pungent aroma.


LSD feminized is a medium-sized indica dominant plant, which will grow into a bushy and stocky plant with tight intermodal spacing. An excellent strain to grow in SOG and for those who are limited to space. A quick flowering, a very resilient strain that is capable of fighting off mold and mildew. Plant training can help increase yields further, and a straightforward to grow hybrid which does not demand much maintenance or support.


When growing indoors, during the vegetative state under 18/6, LSD feminized will stay short and squat and once flowering will double in height. It is important to make sure there is a good flow of fresh air, especially during flowering when the buds are forming.

Thanks to her indica lineage, she can take high amounts of nutrients and will reward even first time growers with large sized, dense buds. We advise applying training techniques such as topping and pruning to get the best yields possible.


LSD feminized is a medium-sized plant with a stocky appearance, typical of an indica dominant hybrid. When grown outdoors, LSD feminized loves to be trained and can become very large sized with techniques such as topping, L.S.T and pruning.

We advise planting in large-sized containers, such as 50–100 liters / 13–26 gallons. It is also important to keep the plants in a South-facing location.

Fungal resistance

Thanks to her parents, you can expect LSD feminized plants to be resilient to cold and wet weather, and enhanced ability to fight off pathogens such as mold.

Flowering time


Indoors under HID lighting, LSD feminized requires 9 weeks before plants are ready to harvest. Some phenotypes may be ready between week 8-9, so we recommend using a microscope to check the maturity of the trichomes.


We recommend planting LSD feminized outdoors during early Springtime in April, with an intention to harvest at the end of October, or first week of November depending on the climate.



Indoors, LSD feminized is capable of producing yields of up to 500-600 g/m² / 0.102-0.123 lbs per square foot, under the right circumstances. A great producer with a short turnaround time.


She loves hot weather and can produce impressive yields of around 800 grams / 1.7 lbs per plant. It is necessary to add support to keep the side branches from falling over with weight.

Plant height & structure

The height of LSD feminized plants once fully stretched will stay at a short height of 120 cm / 47 inches indoors. Outdoors, the plants may grow as tall as 180 cm / 70 inches and can become very heavy producers.


Thanks to her short and squat indica appearance, we advise performing L.S.T to allow the canopy to open up more, exposed to direct light. It is also a good idea to top the plants around week 3 of 18/6.

Smell, taste, and effect

LSD feminized is a loud, pungent and aromatic strain which needs to be well stored away. When flowering, the aroma can be described as earthy, skunk, pungent, solvent, dank with a spicy floral edge with hints of fruit. Make sure your extraction is working well when drying out a tent full of this strain.

Her flavor when smoking will wash your palate with an earthy, spicy taste that becomes more fruity and floral on the exhalation. A bold and old school skunk flavor profile that stands out from the crowd. Dry sift and water hash made from LSD feminized plants are particularly sweet and earthy.

Be warned, LSD feminized is a potent strain which can leave you wiped out. With 25% THC levels, this indica dominant lady will show no mercy and have you fighting off heavy eyelids, with and keep you locked into a dream state all day long. A total demotivating strain which is perfect for ending a long day and putting your feet up before falling into a deep and heavy sleep.

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