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White Widow Feminized (5 seeds)

White Widow Feminized (5 seeds)

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Swiss Cheese Feminized is an indica dominant hybrid known for her rock hard dense buds and pungent, sweet, peppery, tropical skunky aroma and flavour. A very quick flowering variety that is easy to grow and huge producer ideal for commercial growers, or those new to growing. Extremely resilient with a high resistance to colder climates.

GeneticsBy crossing Skunk #1 with Swiss Miss, we were able to produce a hybrid that flowers between 7-9 weeks, retaining the low, bushy growth structure of the parents. Swiss Cheese Feminized is very tough and reliable, producing very hard buds that do not suffer from mould meaning she is perfect for growers who experience wet climates.

Strain Characteristics: A very easy to grow strain that will express her indica heritage and remain low in height, finishing medium height when harvested. She will form buds that fill every internode that grow together with a thick, compact structure which are hard to squeeze. The calyx will be extra stacked and as they swell up during the final stage of flowering, Swiss Cheese Feminized has a very chunky, and stocky growth structure.

It is recommended to grow this hybrid in a Sea of Green, where she can yield 400 - 500 g/m², in as quick as 49 days in some cases. THC levels will range between 15-18% and she is an easy to trim strain, that will produce high amounts of sugar leaf ideal for hash making and extracts. 

Experiencing this strain: Her effects are fast acting and will quickly relieve you off all your stress. A superbly cerebral high that will stimulate the mind into deep discussion, and creativity. Be careful though, she does have a strong side that can leave you on the sofa staring at the walls, if you over do her. Well advised for smokers who like a clear, sharp, motivated effect that can be enjoyed throughout a busy work day. Thanks to her fine mixture of indica and sativa heritage, Swiss Cheese Feminized is great for social scenarios, and those with a lower tolerance.

Her flavours are a wild combination of fruity, tropical, sweet pepper with pungent overtones. Very complex and moorish, flavour chasers will go nuts for this strain, and her extracts are also top shelf. Medical patients may find this hybrid useful for improving clarity, motivation and feelings of depression, stress, nausea and sickness, stimulating appetite and improving overall well being. 

What makes this strain so great: A solid strain that will perform incredibly well in all climates, thanks to her fast flowering, rock hard bud structure. Amazingly fruity and pungent terps with an effect that is ideal for day time, all types of social scenarios and those with a low tolerance.

Quote from a customer: “Swiss Cheese grows very fast and is very hearty along with [being] somewhat mold resistant. It normally grows to about 6 feet but had 1 stretch to about 8. Very thick strong plant, appearance and growth is 50/50 sativa indica, but high is 60/40 Indica/sativa. Has a fresh, skunky odor with fruity aftertaste. Highly Recommended” - Charles P.

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