Root Xtender (20 x 5 pcs)

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  • Endo-mycorrhiza:
  • Rhizo bacteria:
  • And also:
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  • Description
  • Root Xtender is an innovative mycorrhiza inoculant with added rhizo bacteria. Biology buffs may know what that means. But for everybody who doesn’t, and who just wants to keep the best garden in the world, read on!

    Mycorrhiza is a beneficial symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a plant’s root system. Essentially, the fungus extends the reach of the root system by colonizing the roots and developing microscopic mycelia: a mass of filaments that thread their way through the soil.

    Mycorrhizal mycelia are much smaller in diameter than the smallest root, and thus can explore a greater volume of soil, providing a larger surface area for absorption. This means your marijuana plants will be able to make better use of nutrients and extract water from the soil more efficiently. The mycorrhizal symbiosis even helps protect your cannabis plants from certain pest infestations.

    For our Root Xtender, we’ve handpicked a mix of the best mycorrhiza we could find from different sources. This mixture has been tested extensively in different setups, and performed above and beyond our expectations every single time.

    Contents of Root Xtender

    Root Xtender contains the most concentrated mycorrhiza spores so that one single dose contains enough for a perfect symbiosis with the plant’s root system. This package contains 5 sachets filled with 5 grams Mycorrhiza. So you get 25 grams of mycorrhiza in total. We have also added rhizobia: beneficial soil bacteria that fix nitrogen and ensure the best possible growing conditions for your precious seedlings and clones.

  • Endo-mycorrhiza:
    • Glomus intradadices
    • Glomus clarum
    • Entrophospora colombiana
    • Glomus geosporum
    • Glomus mosseae
    • Glomus etunicatum
  • Rhizo bacteria:
    • Bacillus subtiles
    • Paenibacillus azotofixans
    • Bacillus pumilus
    • Bacillus polymixa
    • Bacillus megatrium
    • Bacillus lichenifmis
  • And also:
    • Seaweed extract
    • Maltodextrine
    • Humic acids
    • Yeast extract
    • Formonetine (0,01%)
    • Clay

    How to use Root Xtender

    Use 5g of Root Xtender per single clone or seedling. Of this amount, mix 3-4g in with the soil, and put the rest near and on the roots themselves.

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