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Sweet Tooth Feminized (100 seeds)

Sweet Tooth Feminized (100 seeds)

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Sweet Tooth is an indica dominant hybrid that has a superb candy shop aroma and taste. An easy to grow three-way hybrid that expresses berry, candy, fruit, and sweet fruit salad terpenes. Exceptional resin production and big yields make this lady a must-have for first time beginner growers. Her effects are uplifting, euphoric and combined with her next-level flavors, is all you need for a sunny day at the beach with friends.

She will grow to a medium size, making her a wise choice for growers with limited space, and works incredibly well when trained through a screen for SCROG setups. Expect ultimate hybrid vigor to be on display, making Sweet Tooth seeds perfect for very hot weather and a Mediterranean climate such as California. Some phenotypes will flower in 8 weeks, making hunting through a pack of sweet tooth the dream project.


She was created by crossing indica and sativa genetics together. Using our best Afghan, Nepalese and Hawaiian strains, the result is a low maintenance hybrid that will take between 8-9 weeks, expressing her indica dominance in the flowering department. A great choice for commercial growers and those in need of a sturdy and fast finishing variety for indoor or outdoor cultivation.


Sweet Tooth cannabis seeds will grow with plenty of space between internodes, making her a good candidate for early plant training such as the LST training method.

Once flowered, the final height will range between 90-120 cm (35-47 inches). She can take a high amount of nutrients and will pack on some serious weight during the final 4 weeks of 12/12.


Thanks to her low maintenance and easy to grow characteristics, Sweet Tooth feminized seeds can be planted and left without much hands-on work. We highly recommend her for anyone who wants to try the perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics.

This hybrid will grow with a sativa dominance and can grow as tall as 180-240 cm (70-94 inches) outdoors, and thrives in tropical weather.

Fungal resistance

Sweet Tooth plants feature a high resistance to hot and dry winds, as well as high UV levels. An excellent strain for growers who live in mountainous areas that experience hot temperatures and heavy winds.

Flowering time


Flowering time will vary between 8-9 weeks, depending on the different phenotypes that can be found from a pack of Sweet Tooth seeds. Plants grown in big pots will typically take longer to finish.


Outdoors, we advise planting during Spring time and to harvest in the middle of October. Flowering time will take 56-63 days, depending on the climate and pot size.



Yields of 450 g/m² (1.5 oz per square foot) can be harvested when grown under HID lighting. She can produce even bigger yields with hydroponics and can take high levels of nutrients.


Outdoors in a hot climate, Sweet Tooth can produce 500 grams (17.5 oz) per plant. A very generous producing hybrid that commercial scale farmers will enjoy working with.

For the best results, keep the plants in a South facing location to ensure they receive the most sun possible during the seasons.

Plant height & structure

Despite her medium size, this hybrid will grow with long side branches and an open growth structure. During the vegetative stage, she will remain low and then stretch to 90-120 cm (35-47 inches).


She has unlimited potential when it comes to training, and we recommended topping, tying down and pruning whilst in the vegetative stage.

We strongly advise taking the time to grow this cultivar using a screen and to really push her yielding capabilities even further. It is also a good idea to add bamboo canes and to tie the side branches once flowering starts.

Smell, taste, and effect

Her aroma is sugary sweet that is similar to cotton candy, bubble gum with woody, berry and tropical fruit combined. She may be the sweetest thing you have ever grown in terms of terpenes, making her a top 3 hash making strain for serious extract artists and hash makers.

The taste is just as delicious as the smell, which transcends down with every toke, all the way until the last pull of the joint. A mouth-watering cocktail of fruit, floral, candy, sweet and woody gives her a very sublime flavor that just screams Summer!

With THC levels testing at 19%, Sweet Tooth is the ultimate feel good strain that has a deeply relaxing and borderline dream state effect. A wonderful smoke for daytime, but be careful as the further you smoke, the more her indica side will come through.

We recommend this strain for creative individuals and social scenarios, as she has a very up beat and euphoric effect.

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This lady has head turning terpenes, phenomenal resin production and is destined to give you a massive sweet tooth after smoking!

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