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Nicole Kush Feminized (100 seeds)

Nicole Kush Feminized (100 seeds)

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Nicole Kush is a predominantly Indica strain. A perfect strain for someone who’s looking for a high that’s not too overwhelming. It’s euphoric high will guide you to your happiness and help you find your inner peace.

Genetics: This perfect relaxation strain is made possible by crossing Kosher Kush with Nicole. With around 22% THC, this strain will easily land you in an introspective space with no paranoia effects. It simply helps you look at life with a different perspective. Nicole Kush is highly resistant and she requires little to no maintenance. She prefers mediterranean climates, so we do recommend growing indoors. Especially for beginners.

Strain characteristics: As mentioned before, Nicole Kush is a bit shy for cold. Although she can be grown in colder climates, to reach her full potential, we recommend growing her indoors if you can’t grow her in a mediterarian climate. When grown in the right climate she will show her beautiful, bushy, wide structured filigree with pinelike and berrie scent that leaves you allured and wanting for more.

When cultivating Nicole Kush indoors, we recommend applying some sea of green technique to keep her in check. Because she can stretch quite a bit when left alone. But in the end she will reward you with a bountiful harvest with yields around 500 - 600 g/m².

Experiencing the strain: Nicole Kush brings an overwhelming sense of relief for your mental and physical states. It starts off with a high euphoria that slowly settles down into a feeling of peace and happiness. Expect to experience a deep bodily relaxation that’s perfect for a chill at home after a long day.

What makes it so great?: A high producer that has potency and also very easy to handle? With alluring flavours and deep feelings of happiness which she can give to you? Yes please! It’s almost as if I’m describing my perfect partner.

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