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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower (100 seeds)

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower (100 seeds)

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An autoflowering cultivar of the extremely flavoursome Girl Scout Cookies. From seed to harvest this easy to grow strain will be ready in just 70 days. She grows to a medium height with a very high resistance to hot and cold weather, and prolific resin content making perfect for hash makers and extractors.

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies Auto was created by taking our best phenotype of the West Coast Cookies, and crossing her with our stud autoflowering male. Our intention was to produce an autoflowering cultivar that delivered on flavour, potency, resistance, and effect. This hybrid will perform incredibly well in all climates, meaning she can be planted outdoors multiple times per year. THC levels will range between 16-21%, and Girl Scout Cookies Auto works very well in a Sea of Green set up and requires little maintenance. Well recommended to beginner growers looking for the best of the best flavours.

Strain Characteristics: Thanks to her autoflowering traits, this lady will only grow to a medium height, with a main central cola and thick side branching. A great strain for keeping low and discreet and ideal for balcony or terrace grows. As Girl Scout Cookies Auto flowers, the internodal spacing will remain short, causing the buds to become stacked at every internode.

The buds will have a very compact appearance and will become drenched in trichomes. As she blooms, the aroma produced will be a blend of sweet, spice, vanilla with hints of cookie dough. From seed to harvest, she will be fully mature in just 70 days, making her well suited for commercial growing. During the final few weeks , the colours of the plant will change to a lush purple, with pink and magenta.

Experiencing this strain: If you enjoy feeling good, euphoric, and creative effects, followed by a chilled-out high then Girl Scout Cookies Auto is all you need. Excellent for boosting creativity and conversation making this cultivar perfect for social scenarios, musicians, and writers.

When smoking her flavour is a combination of fresh sweet cookie dough, with a bold, earthiness. A powerful mixture of terps that will coat the mouth and have a refined take on the exhale. Medical patients may find this strain useful for increased energy levels, motivation, relieving nausea and sickness and stimulating appetite.

What makes this strain so great: A very easy to grow autoflowering hybrid, stay grows to a medium height and does excellent in a Sea of Green setup. Harvest 3-4 times per year outdoors with this highly resistant terpene power-house.

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