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Bubblelicious autoflower (100 seeds)


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  • Bubblelicious Autoflower is an easy to grow, nice yielding, terpene monster that will produce strawberry candy flavors with a euphoric, feel good factor. A fast flowering variety with a serious resistance to pathogens and colder climates. She grows fat sticky buds that will remind you of a strawberry field and sweet bubblegum, and is an absolute pleasure to grow.

    Her flavors are one of a kind, big yields and a super euphoric effect make this a go-to strain for flavor chasers and hash makers. An old school beauty that will have you coming back for more and more. She stays low to medium height, does not require much maintenance and can be harvested multiple times per year outdoors!

    Now you can plant this autoflowering version of a house-hold favorite that took Amsterdam coffee shops by storm in the 1990s.


    By crossing our supremely tasty Bubblelicious with our male Short Rider. The results are an autoflowering hybrid that will flower in 9-11 weeks, that possesses the great yielding capabilities of the Bubblelicious, high levels of plant resistance, and capability to grow and maintain.

    We created this autoflowering strain for growers who want good yields without worrying about mold and want the fruitiest flavors available in autoflowering form. Phenotypes can vary with some maturing faster than others, however is an excellent performer in all conditions.


    A uniform and medium-sized plant that is light hungry. Her fragrance when flowering will be a blend of strawberry and citrus, meaning she is an absolutely gorgeous strain and will not require much maintenance.

    Buds from Bubblelicious Autoflower will have a tall and light appearance, encrusted with resin. A good choice for extractors who want to refine her sweet tooth flavors even further. Thanks to her perfect blend of indica, sativa and autoflowering genetics, she will display hybrid vigor and will be an easy plant to trim.

    Be prepared to feed her high amounts of nutrients during the flowering stage, as she is a big feeder and fast-growing cultivar.


    One of the best things about this autoflowering version of Bubblelicious, is how easy to grow she is, and like her mother, is a tough and study plant.

    It is possible to harvest Bubblelicious Autoflowering from May until November time in a hot climate such as California. Growers who experience short Summers will get best results when planting outdoors from June until the middle of August.

    Fungal resistance

    One of the most resistant autoflowering strains you can buy, and with Skunk and Ruderalis lineage, she will have a high resilience to pathogens such as powdery mildew and mold. Thanks to her short height, this cultivar is well suited for heavy winds.

    Flowering time


    Under HID lighting and grown under 12 or 18 hours of light, plants will be ready to harvest between 9-11 weeks, with most typically finishing at week 10. It is advised to check the maturity of the trichomes before harvesting.


    Outdoors, the flowering time can vary depending on the time of year and pot size. From seed to harvest, Bubblelicious Autoflowering seeds will be ready between 63-77 days.



    She performs very well grown closely together in a Sea of Green, where she can produce yields of up to 350 g/m² / 1.1 oz per square foot.


    Expect this strain to produce about 120 grams /  4 oz per plant under the optimal conditions. Keep plants in a South-facing location for the best results.

    Plant height & structure

    Thanks to the influence from the Short Rider, growers can expect this lady to grow to a medium height, ranging around 80-100 cm. An ideal choice for growers who want a low profile cultivar that is perfectly suited for a private terrace or sunny balcony.


    We recommend growing Bubblelicious Autoflowering seeds in a SOG, meaning that a high volume of plants will be grown closely together and kept small. We recommend using fabric pots that are 7.5-10 liters / 2 gallons to really maximize your grow space.

    Smell, taste and effect

    The Auto Bubblelicious have maximum bag appeal, and aroma. The large-sized lime green buds are encrusted with resin. The best thing about this lady is her captivating terpene profile, which can be described as black cherry bubblegum, tropical fruits, citrus, fresh strawberries with a sweet earthy aftertaste.

    When lighting a joint, the flavors are mouth watering and coat the lips with a creamy tropical fruit and fresh strawberries coating.

    Thanks to her upbeat high, and mellow physical effects, we recommend this strain for morning times, days at the beach, out in nature or out with friends in a social scenario.

    She has a THC level ranging from 13-18%, so is ideal for beginner smokers and those with a lower tolerance, and anyone who wishes to enhance their creative side.

    Buy Bubblelicious Autoflowering seeds at Nirvana Shop

    Nothing screams Summer more than a big jar of fruity and dank strawberry, candy, and fruit salad flavored Bubblelicious Autoflower buds! A solid performer in all climates and a pleasure to watch grow.

    Buy your Bubblelicious Auto seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.

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