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Shiskaberry Feminized (100 seeds)

Shiskaberry Feminized (100 seeds)

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A very popular hybrid to come out of Canada, well known for her extra fruity and tropical terpenes. Shiskaberry encompasses all the fruity and floral flavors you could want from a fast flowering indica dominant variety. Her aromas and flavors that can be described as an exotic blend of grape, berry, blueberry with sweet overtones and an absolute pleasure to grow in any garden.

Shiskaberry seeds will produce medium-sized plants that are stocky, compact, and able to yield chunky buds from head to toe. Amazing resin production and an effortless to trim hybrid make this strain perfect for beginner growers and anyone with limited height in their grow room. THC levels have tested at 26% so be warned that this strain does have plenty of power and is best for evening and nighttimes.


We created this marvelous strain by crossing the exceptionally reliable DJ Short’s Blueberry with our best Afghan selection. The result is an indica dominant hybrid that can withstand hot and cold climates with an extra high level of resilience to mold and mildew. She does not require much maintenance and is a wonderful choice for anyone who grows with Sea of Green setups.


During the vegetative stage, plants will grow short and stocky, with fat-fingered indica fan leaves. Once flowered, Shiskaberry won’t stretch much and will finish around 90-120 cm (35-47 inches) tall.

When grown in a SOG, plants will grow uniform and totally symmetrical. Commercial growers using drip lines and hydroponic nutrients will get spectacular results in a short time with Shiskaberry cannabis seeds.


In a hot climate, she can grow much taller and even grow as tall as 180-210 cm (70-82 inches) in height and will resemble a full-sized Christmas tree.

We recommend planting outdoors and keeping South-facing when flowering. We also advise planting into a large-sized container such as 50 liters (13 gallons) to keep South facing.

Fungal resistance

A solid performer, especially in colder and challenging climates. Growers who experience short Summers may rest assured when growing Shiskaberry Feminized, thanks to her toughness and resilience to mold.

Flowering time


One of the reasons she is so popular in the US and Canada, is down to how fast she knocks out massive yields in as little as 7 weeks! Some phenotypes may require longer and need a full 63 days.

Commercial scale growers will certainly find some rapid flowering phenotypes when hunting through a pack of Shiskaberry strain seeds.


Flowering time outdoors will take 7-9 weeks, depending on the climate and how large the plants have become. We advise planting in Spring time, with a harvest date of early to mid-October.



Indoors grown under HID lighting and fed nutrients, yields of 450 g/m² (1.5 oz per square foot) is achievable. In hot weather, she will really thrive and can produce the most amount of high-grade flower.


Shiskaberry marijuana seeds are well recommended to first time growers who want to hit big harvests numbers.

She is an excellent performer outdoors and, when grown in a hot and sunny climate, will produce up to 550 grams (19.5 oz) per plant.

Plant height & structure

She will express her indica dominance by growing low profile, short and tight internodal spacing and with one main central cola. Plant height will range from 90-120 cm (35-47 inches) once fully mature. It may be a good idea to prune away the fan leaves in some cases where light is being blocked.


We advise topping the plants until there are multiple growth sites and to allow the plants to stay in the vegetative stage longer if indoors.

Pruning a week before flowering is also a great idea, as it allows the plants to focus their energy on the top canopy. Airflow will dramatically improve, allowing fresh air to pass through the plants.

Smell, taste, and effect

The aroma of Shiskaberry when flowering in the grow room is like a bouquet of forest fruits and flowers, with lingering cherry, blueberry, and sweet grape overtones. She does have a pungent edge that is blended with the sharp sweetness of the fruits, making her very aromatic.

Her flavors are much more fruity and on the sweeter cotton candy and bubblegum side of things. An absolutely delicious flavor that is only enhanced as rosin or BHO.

The effects of this strain are well-balanced, so feelings of euphoria and focus come first, slowly followed by a creeping relaxed and chilled out feeling. Over time, the upbeat and happy effect turns heavy bodied and sleepy, so make sure you don’t smoke too much and totally demotivate yourself for the day!

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We certainly recommend Shiskaberry to those searching for a deeply therapeutic cultivar! Ideal for beginners and cash croppers, as well as colder climates.

Order your Feminized Shiskaberry cannabis seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.

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