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Green Poison Feminized (100 seeds)

Green Poison Feminized (100 seeds)

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This lady is an indica dominant, very easy to grow strain ideal for beginners, looking for monster yields in a very quick time. Chunky, fruity buds with a thumping 20% THC that has a heavy, narcotic effect. Highly resistant and an excellent performer indoors and outdoors in all climates.

Genetics: After backcrossing green Poison, we created a strain that is unbelievably resistant to mould and pathogens, and flowering time will range between 50-56 days depending on phenotype. The plants will grow very uniform and work superbly well in a Sea of Green.

Strain Characteristics: Green Poison Feminized is an indica dominant hybrid meaning she will remain short in height, and when flowering begins will finish a medium height. Perfect for small spaces indoors and for Sea of Green growing outdoors. Her growth structure will be stocky with one main central cola and an abundance of thick side branches. Thanks to her rapid flowering time of 7-8 weeks, she is an ideal choice for commercial growers looking for a fast turn around of large sized resin rich nugs.

Yields can reach 500 - 650 g/m² and she boasts a potent 20% THC, making this strain ideal for all types of growers. Her resin profile is very impressive with an intense fruity and sweet terpene profile, that will put your carbon filters to the test.

Experiencing this strain: The effects of Green Poison Feminized are heavy hitting and will leave you in a dreamy state. Her physical effects will range from fuzzy eyes, heavy legs and the desire to lay out on the nearest couch. She is not too potent and thanks to her sativa influence, will allow users to find a creative side perfect for musicians, artists, writers or generally lounging out with your feet up.

Her flavours are a blend of tropical fruits with a sweet floral berry, that has a pungent overtones. When smoking the taste is earthy with a cherry sweetness that is highly desirable and will fill the room with a mixture of fruit and floral dank. Medical patients may find this strain useful for alleviating muscle and joint pains, cramps, reduce feelings of anxiety, insomnia and increasing appetite.

What makes this strain so great: Green Poison Feminized is one of the fastest flowering and biggest yielding strains around, and a dream choice for commercial growers, beginner growers and hash makers. A super tough hybrid that can take all types of weather.

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