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Germinator Refill (20 x 5 stuks)

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Each Germinator refill contains:
5x packs of germination soil
5x Plant label
1x Pack of perlite


A refill for Germinator Kit

Germination soil developed by Harvest soon to create the perfect environment for your seedlings. The soil contains organisms like Mycorrhiza, Bacillus, Yeast and Enzymes with all the ingredients to stimulate further growth of a healthy micro colony to further enhance a great start for your seedlings.

The soil contains; Coir, White peat, Black peat, Sand, Dolomitic lime, Mineral NPK fertilizer, Micro-organism fuel, Mycorrhiza (Endo and Ecto) and Bacillus.

Ease of use — Very user friendly. All you have to do is place the plant label scoop in a cell, add the special soil in the cell. Put a seed in the soil and add a little bit water and your seedlings are ready to go.

Prevent damage to tap root — You can prevent damages to your taproot with the scoop label. Whenever you are pulling your seedlings out of a cell, you always risk damaging your tap roots. With the handy scoop, you can safely transplant those fragile seedlings


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