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Soiltabs (20 x 10 pcs)

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Each pack contains:
10x pieces of Soiltabs


Creating the perfect foundation

Soiltabs will slowly release measured doses of essential nutrients that are perfect for turning even the smallest plant into a towering skyscraper.

Soiltabs will provide plants with the nutrients they need for 6 weeks. It stimulates massive root growth and fortifies their defense system. This gives young plants the foundation they need to flourish. 

Prevent lifeless soil

It’s a common misconception that you don’t have to feed nutrients to young plants. While it’s true that plants can support themselves in vegetative stage, adding a little bit of life into the soil will help your plant flourish into a magnificent beauty.

Soil and other growing media have their own mini-habitat and environment that plays a vital role in how well your plants grow and maintain health.

Many grow media require you to amend first with beneficial bacteria, humic acids, and certain nutrients before they can provide the best environment for your plants — and Soiltabs contain only the best of these ingredients.

Soiltabs will stabilize the soil’s pH value, while also providing a slow release of nitrogen-phosphate-potassium in a ratio of 14-6-6.

This provides young plants the essential nutrients they need without overfeeding them for the first 6 weeks — this is fantastic news to growers just getting started and those that have had the green thumb for years.

Improve early root development

It’s important to start using Soiltabs as soon as possible. As they will promote vital root growth and healthy leaf development during the first six weeks of the seedlings’ or cuttings’ life.

While a seedling uses its cotyledon leaves for nutrients, this won’t promote strong root growth until there are nutrients in the grow media.

Roots do not grow by seeking out nutrients — they have to come across and absorb nutrients first before they can create new root tissue and spread.

Seedlings and cuttings are so defenseless because they lack a developed root system. An experienced gardener has no issues removing leaves and stems from a living plant, but they wouldn’t dare touch the roots.

By increasing the development in root system, you can:

- Speed up development of plant growth above the roots

- Start the vegetative or flowering phase sooner

- Use plant training techniques as the plants will recover faster

- Have a stronger and healthier plant that can resist diseases and pests

How To Use Soiltabs

Soiltabs are formulated with the best ratio of must-have nutrients that will help roots stretch out without burning your plants. Just take a tab and press it about 2 inches deep near the root system and soon your plants will have an indestructible root system.


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