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Yield Kit (20 x 5 pcs)

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Each Yield Kit contains:
5x sachets of Root Xtender
5x pieces of Soiltabs
5x pieces of Flowertabs


The benefits of Microbes in Yield Kit

Yield Kit provides your plants with a selection of microbial and essential nutrient blends that are specialized for growing. Yield kit will help young plants quickly develop a strong root system for optimal nutrient uptake, provide 6 weeks of nutrients, give them an extra layer of protection from diseases, and re-amend the growing media for the bloom stage.

Yield Kits will ensure that your plants' roots are in perfect harmony with their grow media during all stages of their life.

If you’re growing in soil and not paying attention to the delicate ecosystem that is taking place within it, then there is a big chance of you struggle with poor yields, and possibly sick plants which can lead to a dead plant. Microbes like fungi and bacteria have a complex and vital beneficiary relationship with your plants and this will help you avoid struggling with those issues.

Extending Plants’ Reach —  Microbes like rhizobia attach onto the tips of the plant’s roots weaving themselves into complex networks that essentially extend the roots. This network of new roots are smaller in diameter and can better scavenge the soil and give plants access to nutrients that were previously unavailable.

A Helping Hand — As you know, not all bacteria and fungi are friendly, and some can be deadly to your plant and even harm your health. If you ignore your soil — by not providing it with beneficial microbes —  harmful microbes can manifest in your soil and they will ruin your plants. With the beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi which can colonize in the upper part of plants giving them a layer of protection that includes drought & heat tolerance, and resistance to insects & plant diseases.

Products inside a Yield Kit

5x Root Xtender — Application of Root Xtender can start when plants are in their seedling and cutting life stage. Simply blend 3-4 grams of the solution with the soil, the remaining 1-2 grams can go near the roots or directly on them if transplanting. The mycorrhiza and bacillus will intertwine with the roots extending their reach. This allows them to penetrate dense soil giving them access to new and previously unavailable nutrients, so they can build a strong root system. Root Xtender Contains: Microorganism Fuel (Bone meal, Cacao pellets, Lime, Bentonite, Compost, and Ascophyllum Nodosum)

5x Soiltabs — The sooner you start application of Soiltabs, the better, as they will provide a constant supply of vital resources and nutrients. Simply take a tab and push it 2 inches deep into the soil near the main stem. Soiltabs slowly biodegrade giving plants all the crucial resources and nutrients they need for the first 6 weeks of life. Gardening couldn’t be easier! Soiltabs Contains: A special blend of super beneficial bacteria and humic acids, and nitrogen-phosphate-potassium in a 14-6-6 ratio.

5x Flowertabs — Once you’ve switched to the bloom phase, you can start application of Flowertabs. Some of the most popular plants we grow are notoriously heavy feeders, and some will strip the soil of whatever they can find. Many growers struggle with the flowering stage because their soil is no longer set up for the plants and figuring out a nutrient schedule becomes a nightmare if not impossible. Even worst, your plant may not have developed the root system needed for a successful harvest. Flowertabs will slowly biodegrade giving plants the essential resources needed for the long flowering stage. Time-released so you won’t have to worry about overfeeding or a depleted grow medium in mid-late bloom. Flowertabs extend your plant’s roots to double, triple, even quadruple its reach. Just push them 2 inches into the ground near the main stem. Flowertabs Contains: Flowertabs are 100% organic and contains minerals, humic acids, super-secret bacterial and fungal.


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