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Flowertabs (20 x 10 pcs)

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Each pack contains:
10x pieces of Flowertabs


Set up for succes

Flowertabs will replenish & re-amend your growing media after being exhausted of its natural resources during the vegetative phase. This reduces long flowering times and provides the plants with essential nutrients needed, so they can spend all their time and energy blossoming into magnificent plants.But that’s not all, as Flowertabs will fix underdeveloped root systems — potentially quadrupling their reach — further increasing your yields.

Providing a delicate ecosystem

Even with regular doses of nutrients, soil takes a pummeling in the vegetative stage. This is especially true if you’re growing a phytoremediation plant which strips your growing media of natural resources and takes up whatever it can find. This can throw off and kill the delicate ecosystem within your soil — one that’s vital to your plants’ health and growth.

The 100% organic, Flowertabs contains minerals, humic acids, bacterial and fungal formula to maximize your plants potential throughout flowering. Flowertabs will get your soil back a healthy state and your plants will prosper throughout flowering stage.

Symbiotic relationship

It is important to maintain a healthy symbiotic relationship between the roots and the fungi in the soil.

Flowertabs provide your roots with beneficial fungi and bacteria which attach to root tips, weaving together a finely tuned network that extends their reach giving them access to more previously unavailable nutrients. With a much larger root system, your plants can finally produce the yields you always dreamed of.

During the bloom stage, many gardeners struggle with their nutrient schedule as their complete nutrients no longer provide the right ratio. These handy little tabs rejuvenate and realign the growing media so this doesn’t happen. Humic acids will stabilize the soil’s pH and prevent nutrients from easily leaching out.

How To Use Flowertabs

Flowertabs will slowly biodegrade throughout the flowering stage. So you don’t have to worry about them over-fertilizing or your grow media becoming depleted of important resources in mid to late flowering. All you do is place the tab around the main stem and push it down around 2 inches into the soil.


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