At Harvest Soon, we like nothing better than to come up with new and innovative tools to help you maximize your harvest potential!

What’s the best way to germinate seeds? What do seedlings need to become vigorous and flourishing plants? How can you help your plants through the flowering period? How do you prevent mold, pests and other growroom nuisances? What fertilizers and nutrients do plants need? In short: what is the easiest way to obtain maximum harvests of the best quality produce?

Harvest Soon is proud to present a range of propagation tools equally suitable for a potted plant on your balcony as for a greenhouse full of flourishing plants.

Anyone who’s tried growing their own plants, vegetables or flowers before will know how vulnerable little seedlings can be, and will want to lavish care and attention on them. That’s why we’ve invented three revolutionary new growth solutions: The Germination Kit, for germinating your seeds, Soiltabs, for nourishing the young plants throughout the growing stages, and Flowertabs, for providing just the right fertilisers in the flowering period.