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Lemon OG Haze Feminized (5 seeds)

Lemon OG Haze Feminized (5 seeds)

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The Lemon O.G. Haze Feminized is a sativa dominant hybrid that will grow tall, thin and produce massive yields of pure citrus terpenes. High in THC, this is quite a difficult strain to grow which is better suited for those with experience. Big fat citrus buds in just 9-11 weeks, perfect for commercial growers and sativa lovers.

Genetics: We crossed our best citrus strains together to create a sativa dominant hybrid. The parental line was O.G. Kush which was selected for her pungent lemon profile, the old school Lemon Skunk for its resistance and floral citrus fragrance, and the huge yielding Haze #1. The result is a citrus power house and monster producing hybrid that will express her sativa dominance in both growth structure and flowering time, where she can take between 9-11 weeks.

Strain Characteristics: During the vegetative stage Lemon O.G. Haze Feminized will grow quickly, with large internodal spacing, with a thin leaf appearance. It is advised to train this hybrid during the 18/6 cycle in order to reduce plant height once flowering begins.

Flowering time will take 9-11 weeks and yields of 550 - 650 g/m² can be expected. Certainly one of our biggest yielding strains, that will grow long, sativa buds from top to bottom of all branches. She may take a while to trim, however will produce enormous amounts of top quality sugar leaf, making her a dream strain for hash makers and extractors who want the finest citrus terps. THC Levels will range between 16-19%.

Experiencing this strain: The effects of this lady are fast acting and will supercharge your mind and body, leaving you feeling highly energetic and focused. She will open the deepest parts of your brain as her cerebral rollercoaster keeps on soaring. An excellent choice for those who like a mind bending sativa high, with clarity and motivation. Lemon O.G. Haze Feminized is perfect for mornings, daytime, busy individuals, musicians, gaming, socializing, invoking a creative side, playing chess and generally remaining focused and upbeat.

When smoking her flavor is a wet, sharp citrus similar to fresh lemons with hints of pineapple in the background. Her flavor lingers in the mouth with a smooth cocktail of lemon, lime and pineapple. Medical patients may find this hybrid useful for an increase in energy, mental stimulation, relieving feelings of depression, nausea and sickness.

What makes this strain so great: If you want monster yields, citrus buds dripping in resin, then the Lemon O.G. Haze is the strain for you. Better suited for more experienced growers, however one huge producer that performs incredibly well outdoors in sunny climates.

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